Carol Warner Artist's statement

By integrating the craft tradition of old world metalsmithing with a contemporary sense of aesthetics and a conceptual approach, I find myself walking the line between intentional design and organic forms that create themselves in nature.

As an artist I like taking risks, using hand hammered holloware vessels in non-traditional and non-functional ways.  I am fascinated by creating hard metal objects which can appear to be soft and supple.  Most of my pieces are asymmetrical, creating the illusion of movement as subtle as a ripple caused by wind or as dramatic as objects like black holes jettisoning through the universe.

In addition to emulating the forms of nature, a large part of transforming vessels to appear as objects from nature comes from using colors that mirror the forms I reference.  The pieces are finished with hand made experimental patinas, a method I developed to create any color needed in order to realize that transformation.

copyright Carol Warner Studios LLC, Minneapolis MN US, 2015, all rights reserved

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