Master Classes: Infuse Color to Ignite your Style!

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5 day intensive master class for 2022!

Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, CA

October 12-16

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Lillstreet Arts Center, Chicago, IL  

CAFAC, Minneapolis, MN     

Student projects

This coloration technique is like no other and uses colors that are:

~non toxic and permanent

~safer and more reliable than chemical patinas

~stronger, bolder, permanent and more light fast than colored pencils

~less restricting than enamels

~a constant color; the color you apply is exactly what you end up with

Using this process students will:

~create any color they choose on any type of metal

~ learn to mix and apply materials to create various surface qualities

~learn the basics of color theory in order to see color small variations  

~develop skills to create the exact hues and values of your color choices

~Use this process on a piece of jewelry, holloware or sculpture

A 5 day class combines:

~mastering my color process

~optional production of a project based on your skills

Skills Overview:

~no color experience necessary

~some background in sawing and soldering metal

fine art metals

color on metal

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copyright Carol Warner Studios LLC, Minneapolis MN US, 2015, all rights reserved

Bring metal to life with your own zesty hues!


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